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246                                  COMMENCEMENT OF ITS

Highness immediately recognized the claim that the baiidiDg had upon him and
made no didiciuty about; supplying the small sum of Es. 5,000, which had been
estimated by the Superintending Engineer as snincient to defray the cost of ail
absolutely essential repairs.* The work was taken in hand at the beginning of
August^ 1373. The obtrusive wall erected by the Muhamroadans on the top of
the dome was demolished ; the iaterior cleared of several unsightly party-walls
aad other modern excrescences ; and outside, atl the debris was removed, which
tad accumulated round toe base of the building to the astonishing height of eight
feet and in some places even more, entirely coaceaHog the handsomely moulded
plinth ; a considerable increase was thus made to the elevation of the building—
the one point in w hich, since the loss of the original parapet and towers the
design had appeared defective. Many of the houses which had been allowed to
crowd the courtyard close up to the Yery walls of the temple were taken down
mad two broad approaches opened out from the great eastern portal and the
south transept. Previously, the only access was by a Barrow winding lane ;
mad there was not a single point from which it was possible to obtain a com-
plete view of the fabric.

The next thing undertaken was the removal of a huge masonry pillar that
had been inserted under the north bay of the nave to sapport a broken lintel
This was effected by pinning up the fractured stone with three strong iron bolts ;
& simple and economical contrivance, .suggested by Mr. Inglis, Executive
Engineer on tie Agra Canal, in lieu of the costly and tedioas process of insert-
ing a new lintel and meanwhile supporting the wall by a masonry arch, which,
though temporary, would have required most careful and substantial constrao-
tiofij on account of the enormous mass resting upon it.

On the south side of the choir stood a large domed and pillared chkaitn of
very handsom® and harmonious design, though, erected 40 years later than the
temple, !Ehe following inscription is rudely cut on one of its four pillars : _

«teŁ? ml


m the ri A glow of the nd «ad-sk»e. Ho notice mi taken by the local authorities ; bni» on my
npnwatiag tine natter to GoTemmeat* prompt orders W€fe issued to hare tbe miicMef a& far m
powUe undone.
* A rcrijwa estimate wa» afterward! prepared bj tl» Biisrict Ikigineer, wno prt It afc
B*.           for tbe o*erl« «ad B«. 57^57 for the iateiw, making & total of Bs.